Investment offerings from around the world including private companies, security tokens, real estate and more.

Overfunding: Bank North, a Fintech enabled Banking Platform, Acquires £1.55M+ from 486 Investors via Crowdcube

Bank North, a Fintech-enabled bank, which will combine cloud-native tech with the trust of face-to-face relationship banking with the “aim of disrupting the £150bn UK SME lending market,” has secured 114% (£1,552,134) of its £1,350,000 target from 486 investors (at the time of writing) with… Read More

Celsius Network Is Now Supporting Avalanche (AVAX) Token Purchases

The team at digital assets platform Celsius Network notes that since their goal is to bring the next 100 million consumers to crypto, they are constantly looking to offer (what they consider to be) the “best” experiences and “opportunities” for their community. This reportedly includes looking… Read More

Legal Utopia, an AI enhanced App that Connects Legal Consumers with a Legal Services Network, Secures £154.9K+ from Seedrs

Gavel Court Legal Trial Law rawpixel unsplash

Legal Utopia, a powerful AI-enhanced app with the aim of “connecting legal consumers with a vast network of legal services,” has acquired 77% (£154,906) of its £200,000 target from 50 investors (at the time of writing) through a crowdfunding campaign carried out via Seedrs. With… Read More

Overfunding: TaxScouts, a Firm that Aims to Make Sorting Taxes More Efficient, Secures £1.65M+ via Crowdcube

TaxScouts, which claims to be on a mission to make sorting taxes “affordable and effortless,” has raised 165% (£1,652,047) of its £1,000,000 target from 597 investors (at the time of writing) via Crowdcube with 24 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign. TaxScouts reveals that… Read More

Digital Assets: Okcoin Adds Support for Spell Token and Magic Internet Money

Digital assets firm Okcoin is now offering the two crypto tokens of the ecosystem, Spell (SPELL) and Magic Internet Money (MIM), with “some of the lowest fees around.” As noted in the update from Okcoin, here’s what each of these tokens are about, in… Read More

Digital Asset Platform CoinList Announces the Stader Token Sale

The team at digital asset platform CoinList notes that they’re pleased to confirm that the  registrations for the Stader token sale are currently open. Stader offers smart contract infrastructure for staking, “helping users stake their assets conveniently and safely through its platform by building key… Read More

Knightscope, Raising Capital on StartEngine, Scheduled to Close Crowdfunding Today, NASDAQ Listing Later this Month

Knightscope, the firm that has developed the security robots that is promoting the company everywhere, is raising capital on StartEngine and the funding round is scheduled to close tonight. While an offering can always be extended if the issuer believes there is more money to… Read More

nHouse, a “Disruptive” Housing Firm, Secures £121,870 from 245 Investors via Seedrs

nHouse, a young “disruptive” housing firm providing various designs, has secured 121% (£121,870) of its £100,000 target from 245 investors (at the time of writing) through a crowdfunding campaign carried out via Seedrs with 29 days left in the sale. nHouse explains that it makes… Read More

Gratitude, a Firm Offsetting Carbon Emissions by Giving Cashback for In-game Purchases, Acquires £149,570 via Crowdcube

Gratitude, which aims to help offset carbon emissions by allowing users to “receive cashback from in-game purchases,” has raised 54% (£149,570) of its £275,000 target (at the time of writing) from 132 investors through a crowdfunding campaign carried out via Crowdcube with 22 days left… Read More

NFTs: Digital Asset Platform CoinList Introduces their First Ever NFT Collection, FiatWorks

The team at digital asset platform CoinList is introducing their first-ever NFT collection: FiatWorks. As noted in an update, dated January 5, 2022,  CoinList started with “a small, dedicated base of true crypto believers that supported projects like Filecoin, Stacks, Solana, Algorand, and more.” As… Read More

Kraken Is Now Supporting Trading with Kintsugi (KINT), a Network Allowing Users to Create a Bitcoin backed Asset

The team at digital asset platform Kraken notes that they’re pleased to announce that Kraken now supports Kintsugi (KINT). Funding and trading for the Kintsugi (KINT) token is live (as of January 6, 2022), and trading will “begin shortly.” You may keep an eye on… Read More

Biconomy (BICO), Vulcan Protocol (PYR), Neos Credits (NCR) Trading Now Available via Poloniex

Starting now (on January 5, 2021), wallets are open via Poloniex and you can begin depositing Biconomy (BICO) into your Poloniex account. Clients may access full trading for BICO with a USDT pair: BICO/USDT will be “enabled at 06:00 AM UTC” on January 5. As… Read More

BitMEX Partners with Tokeny on Forthcoming BMEX Token

BitMEX, a crypto derivatives exchange, has enlisted the help of Tokeny to support its forthcoming BMEX token launch. BitMEX is using the BMEX airdrop to incentivize new users and recently announced adding over 50,000 new users to its platform. Alexander Höptner, CEO of BitMEX, said… Read More

Praxonomy, a Collaboration Platform for Boards of Pre IPO Firms, Secures £459,930 via Crowdcube

Praxonomy, the “go-to” collaboration platform for boards of pre-IPO, small-cap and mid-cap listed firms as well as regulated private businesses, has raised 91% (£459,930) of its £500,000 target from 235 investors via Crowdcube (at the time of writing) with 9 days left in the firm’s… Read More

Remilk, a Provider of Cow Free Milk, Raises $120 Million Series B, Including Participation from OurCrowd

Remilk, a creator of milk without the cows, has raised an oversubscribed $120 million in Series B funding. The additional capital is expected to enable Remilk to scale production of “dairy-identical milk protein” for commercial use by manufacturers in traditionally dairy-based products including cheeses, yogurt,… Read More

Proptech Findingaplace, a Platform Streamlining Rental Search Experience, Acquires £221K+ via Seedrs

Findingaplace, which claims that it’s “revolutionizing” the rental search experience, removing the need to “even search at all,” has secured 88% (£221,870) of its £250,001 target from 225 investors (at the time of writing) via Seedrs with 5 days left in the firm’s crowdfunding campaign. Here… Read More

Connecticut Green Bank Sells Green Bond on Raise Green

The Connecticut Green Bank is issuing a “Green Bond” on FINRA regulated funding portal Raise Green. The securities offering is being pursued using the Reg CF securities exemption. The debt offering is seeking up to $250,000 with a 1.00% Annual Interest Rate. Investors must commit… Read More

Rentberry, a Global Home Rental Platform, Acquires $5.3M from 2,974 Investors via StartEngine

Rentberry, which claims to be the first international home rental platform with complete automation, has raised $5,378,564 from 2,974 investors via StartEngine. Rentberry is described as a fully operational “long-term” rental platform that leverages technology to “ensure a seamless rental experience – offering tenants the… Read More

Ruby Datum, a Secure Virtual Data Room, Acquires £114K+ from 131 Investors via Crowdcube

Ruby Datum, which aims to be a platform with a “credible” reputation for being intuitive, resilient, and rapid for collaboration, has raised 76% (£114,456) of its £150,000 target from 131 investors through its crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube (with 16 days left in the campaign at… Read More

Stryve, a Company Focused on Enhancing “Future of Work” via Automation, Secures £244K+ via Crowdcube

Stryve, which is focused on the “future of work” by leveraging automation, has secured 122% (£244,072) of its £200,000 target from 168 investors via Crowdcube with 25 days left in its crowdfunding campaign (at the time of writing). As explained in the update, Stryve’s ‘Talent… Read More

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